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Sale of Electric Cable. Reasonable prices.

Phone: +38 (062) 385-22-35

Address: Donetsk, ul. Zavarzin, 1 (map)

Zaporizhia Cable Plant

Sale of electric cable. Reasonable prices.

Phone: +38 (061) 2248428

Address: Zaporozhye, ul. Gladkov, 2 (map)


Sale of wires and cables, including: electrical cables, etc.

Phone: +38 (0562) 36-47-95

Address: Dnepropetrovsk, pl. Petrovsky, 1 (map)


Cable and wire, electrical products and equipment.

Phone: +380 (57) 757-44-32, +380 (57) 759-07-44

Address: Kharkov, ul. Rustaveli, 9, 1st at., 1-2nd Floor (map)



The company "MASTERKABEL" renders services on the market of electrical equipment with 2005. and specializes in the supply of cables and wires, low voltage electrical equipment, electrical insulating materials.

Phone: +380 (57) 736-07-30, +380 (57) 736-07-31

Address: Kharkov, ul. Plekhanov, etc. 85a (map)



Power wires for electrical equipment

Cables and cords for various purposes

Power cables for fixed wiring

Cables and wires power for non-stationary pads

Control Cables

Wire for overhead transmission lines

Cable assembly

Control cables

Wires and cables for rolling stock

Power cables insulated with threaded polyethylene

Cables and wires connection

Phone: +380 (57) 764-30-49

Address: Kharkov, Piskunovsky Lane., 4 (map)


Cable and wire products. A wide range of products.

Phone: +380 (57) 783-85-58, +380 (57) 712-31-03

Address: Kharkov, ul. Marshal Konev, 13 (map)


PE Yurchenko, O.

Cabling and wiring equipment - for sale.

Phone: +380 (50) 542-42-21, +380 (97) 904-07-48

Address: Kharkov, ul. Matrosov, 20, a warehouse (map)


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