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Dance School. Hours: Mon-Sat

Phone: + 38 (062) 535-77-79

Address: Donetsk, ul. Ryleyev, 47 (map)


Oriental dance studio.

Phone: + 38 (062) 751-07-87

Address: Donetsk Ave. Gurov, 20 (map)


School of Oriental dance.

Phone: +38 (050) 2922663

Address: Gorlovka (map)


Dance School. Oriental dance.

Phone: + 38 (050) 580 95 94

Address: Severodonetsk, st. Gagarina, d. 115a (map)

Ron Cubano

Dance Studio "RON CUBANO" Mariupol - Mariupol`s first professional school of salsa, from a family of "RON CUBANO"

Phone: +38 (067) 60 01 249

Address: Mariupol, bd-r. Shevchenko, d. 258 (map)


School of Dance "Allegro" is training in the following areas: Classical choreography for children (ballet): The children aged 5 years

Phone: +38 (096) 4888728

Address: , Mariupol, etc. Builders, 39 (map)

Play Dance

Dance School. This fusion of aerobics, dance, strength training, stretching.

Phone: +38 (050) 741-46-49

Address: Lugansk, st. Zveyneka, d. 145 (map)


Sports and dance club. Ballroom dancing for children and adults.

Phone: + 38 (061) 270-62-07

Address: Zaporozhye (map)


Dance Studio. Teaching dance.

Phone: +38 (0562) 730-33-31

Address: Dnepropetrovsk, st. Lenina 39, 3 fl. (map)


Dance School. Modern Dance and Performance.

Phone: +38 (0562) 371-09-71

Address: Dnepropetrovsk, st. Ispolkomovskaya, 24 (map)


Dance School. Oriental dance will give you a youth, beauty and health. Oriental dance in order to complement a corporate party, anniversary, wedding and other celebrations.

Phone: + 38 (066) 8270226

Address: Dneprodzerzhinsk, Lenin Avenue, 47 (map)


Dance School. Our teachers - professional dancers with years of experience on stage and has been employed for at least five years as choreographers

Phone: + 38 (0536) 702-542

Address: Kremenchug, st. Victory, 10 (map)

Dance School O. Garanin

Dance School. Hours: Mon-Sat

Phone: +38 (066) 283-55-00

Address: Sumi, pl. Gorky, 5 (map)

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