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DONETSK mini-zoo

DONETSK mini-zoo.

Phone: +38 (062) 385-60-33

Address: Donetsk Ave. Kiev, 15 (map)


Donetsk State Circus.

Phone: +38 (062) 66-51-54

Address: Donetsk Ave. Leninist, 2 (map)


Children`s camp.

Phone: +38 (0629) 492878

Address: , Mariupol, etc. Builders, etc. 85a (map)

Zaporozhye State Circus

Zaporozhye State Circus

Phone: + 38 (061) 233-71-60

Address: Zaporozhye, ul. Record, 41 (map)


Children`s health-improving camp of the Southern Railway

Phone: +380 (57) 335-15-42, +380 (57) 335-44-88

Address: Kharkov, Belgorod sh. (map)


Children`s health and fitness camp

Phone: +380 (57) 745-62-84

Address: Kharkiv region., Kharkov district, Pokotilovka village, st. Ulyanovsk, 71 (map)

The Red Carnation

Children`s Camp SE Plant. VA Malyshev

Phone: +380 (57) 746-46-37

Address: Kharkiv region., Kharkov district, Green Guy. (map)

Forest Tale

Det. Ozdorov. Camp GUMVD Ukraine in Kiev. Cloud

Phone: +380 (57) 335-17-50, +380 (57) 335-19-95

Address: Kharkov str. Faded (map)

Kharkiv Regional station for young tourists

The scientific organization of education, leisure clubs, children`s camps, villages, children and youth organizations

Phone: +380 (57) 392-14-82, +380 (57) 713-00-97

Address: Kharkov str. Tankopiya, d. 15 / 2 (map)


Krivoy Rog State Circus

Krivoy Rog State Circus

Phone: +38 (0564) 92-88-00

Address: Krivoy Rog, st. Partsezda 22, 10 (map)

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