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The October Forestry

Wide range of wood products.

Phone: +380 (57) 712-09-91, +380 (57) 712-06-90

Address: Kharkov, ul. Serikovskaya, 36 (map)


A wide range of planed products - Lining, flooring, block-house, an imitation of timber, logs and other lumber meets the requirements of GOST.

Phone: +380 (50) 323-77-36, +380 (57) 754-38-93

Address: Kharkov, ul. Vesnina, 12, third floor, of. 304, 305 (map)



Any lesopilomaterialy wholesale and retail. Blockhouse, timber, timber, lining boards, and much more.

Phone: +380 (57) 754-32-71, +380 (57) 754-32-81

Address: Kharkov, Postyshev pr-d, 93 d. (map)



Phone: +380 (57) 758-43-16, +380 (66) 393-52-15

Address: Kharkov, ul. Red Army, 14 (map)

Wholesale and retail lumber warehouse

Wholesale and retail lumber warehouse

Phone: +380 (67) 726-82-41, +380 (57) 752-76-06

Address: Kharkov, ul. Shevchenko, d. 327 (map)

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