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The law firm of complex E.S. P

Law firm. Hours: Mon-Sat

Phone: +38 (062) 338-04-60

Address: Donetsk, ul. Artem, d. 94, of. A (map)


Legal company. Consultation.

Phone: +38 (062) 332-23-17

Address: Donetsk Ave. Mira, 8, k. 304 (map)


The company provides all types of legal services to both individuals and legal entities.

Phone: +38 (06242) 598636

Address: Gorlovka Street. Admiral Makarov, 41 (map)


Legal services. Consultation.

Phone: +38 (06267) 4-26-72

Address: Druzhkovka Street. O. Mishka, etc. 1a (map)

Kramatorskaya Legal Advice

Legal services to individuals and entities yuredicheskim.

Phone: +38 (06264) 3-25-93

Address: Kramatorsk Street. Lenin, 9 (map)


All types of legal services.

Phone: +38 (066) 410-43-80

Address: Slavyansk Street. Freedom, 23-A (map)


The company offers legal services.

Phone: +38 050-956-26-15

Address: Alchevsk, Pr. Metallurgists on a (map)


All types of legal services.

Phone: +38 (06451) 7-34-95

Address: Lisichansk Street. Sverdlov, 54 B (map)


Legal company. Consultation.

Phone: +38 (06452) 9-17-30

Address: Severodonetsk, st. Power Engineers, 70 (map)

The Legal Assistance Centre

Legal company provides a wide range of quality legal and consulting services to enterprises, organizations and institutions of different forms of ownership.

Phone: +38 (098)-312-10-94

Address: Mariupol Metal Prospect, d. 233 (map)


As of today - is a dynamic law firm in Ukraine, which combines the best in their practice of professional legal traditions of jurisprudence and the legal profession, the high internal standards and innovative ideas that work for the benefit of the Client.

Phone: +38 (0629) 47 - 47 - 71

Address: , Mariupol, etc. Nakhimov, d. 88 (map)


Our company - Lugansk law firm rendering legal services as well as a lawyer in Lugansk, Lugansk and Donetsk regions across Ukraine.

Phone: +38 050-478-95-84

Address: Lugansk, st. 50 years of Soviet Education, 65, (map)


Legal advice.

Phone: +38 (06153) 3-85-95

Address: Berdyansk, st. Dyumin, 30 (map)


Legal advice Zaporozhye Bar.

Phone: + 38(061) 213-91-16

Address: Zaporozhye, ul. Ivanov, on 81-well (map)


Law firm. Legal advice.

Phone: +38 (0562) 39-05-06

Address: Dnepropetrovsk, nab. Victory, 32 (map)

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