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Below are the companies from neighboring towns.
Donetsk office of Melitopol knitting factory

Light Industry. Donetsk office of Melitopol knitting factory

Phone: + 38 (062) 348-80-12

Address: Donetsk, ul. Artem, d. 125 / 2 (map)


Light Industry. Factory knitted

Phone: +38 (06242) 55-25-75

Address: Gorlovka Street. Minin and Pozharsky, 60 (map)


Red Army clothing factory.

Phone: +38 (06239) 2-43-87

Address: Krasnoarmeysk Street. Shota Rustaveli, d. 179 (map)

Mariupol hosiery factory

Light Industry. Mariupol hosiery factories.

Phone: +7 38 (0629) 331092

Address: Mariupol, st. Metropolitan, 4 (map)

Pavlogradskaya garment factory

Pavlogradskaya garment factory

Phone: +38 (05632) 6-06-40

Address: Pavlograd Street. Shevchenko, d. 120 (map)

Shoe Factory

Light Industry.

Phone: +38 (05632) 6-23-44

Address: Pavlograd Street. Rebellion, 87 (map)

Berdyansk Knitting Factory

Light Industry. Berdyansk Knitting Factory

Phone: + 38 (06153) 3-34-29

Address: Berdyansk, st. Communards, 14 (map)

Gold Mercury

Light Industry. Tailoring, clothing, footwear, protective equipment

Phone: +38 (061)220-30-50

Address: Zaporozhye, ul. Metallurgists, 5 (map)

Dniprodzerzhynsk garment factory

Light Industry.

Phone: +38(0562) 3-26-15

Address: Dnepropetrovsk, st. Sports, 36 (map)

Melitopolskaya Knitting Factory

Melitopolskaya Knitting Factory

Phone: +38 (06192) 440172

Address: Melitopol, st. Nevsky, 24 (map)

Dniprodzerzhynsk garment factory

Dniprodzerzhynsk garment factory

Phone: +38 (05692) 3-26-15

Address: Dneprodzerzhinsk Street. Sports, 36 (map)


Garment factory in the market providing high quality services on tailoring light lady`s clothes since December 2005.

Phone: + 38 (0532) 508 366

Address: Poltava, st. Seregin, 11 (map)

Zheltovodskaya factory of artificial fur

Light Industry. Zheltovodskaya factory of artificial fur

Phone: +38 (05652) 33640

Address: , the Yellow Water Street. Factory, 1-a (map)


Light Industry. Garment factory.

Phone: +38 (056) 404-43-75

Address: Krivoy Rog, st. Meleshkina, 43 (map)

Kremenchug Knitting Factory

Kremenchug Knitting Factory

Phone: +38 (0536) 77-02-62

Address: Kremenchug Ave. Poltava, 2a (map)

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