Sale of plumbing: radiators, bathtubs. The high quality of service.

Phone: +38 (062) 381-30-50

Address: Donetsk, avenue Panfilov, 1 (map)


We sell plumbing: radiators, bidet. And another selection of plumbing.

Phone: +38 (062) 382-98-44

Address: Donetsk, ul. Sechenov, 3 (map)


Sale of plumbing, including radiators, bidet, etc.

Phone: +38 (062) 382-98-44

Address: Donetsk, ul. Sechenov, 3 (map)


Wide range of sanitaryware: radiators heating bath. Reasonable prices.

Phone: + 38 (062) 387 58 58

Address: Donetsk street. Shchorsa on 97a (map)


Sell ??Boiler oorudovaniya, including radiators, etc.

Phone: +38 (062) 382 91 11

Address: Donetsk Blvd. Shevchenko, d. 133 (map)

Heating radiators Avdeevka. All Avdeevka heating radiators sellers are listed in business directory Mnogonado.net. If you are a representative of a company that sells heating radiators in Avdeevka or Avdeevka region and you did not find here information about your company please register here and we will post your business information in our directory.

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