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Car wash. The high quality of service.

Phone: +38 (095) 510-00-60

Address: Donetsk, ul. Shchorsa on 112 (map)


Car wash. Hours: Mon-Sun

Phone: +38 (062) 382-61-54

Address: Donetsk Ave. Dzerzhinsky, 2 (map)


Car wash. Cleaning the interior.

Phone: +38 (062) 381-12-16

Address: Donetsk Ave. Panfilov, 15a (map)


Car wash. Hours: Mon-Sun

Phone: +38 (050) 7505633

Address: Makeevka Street. Donetsk, d. 214 (map)


Car wash. Hours: Mon-Sun

Phone: +38 (06242) 3-42-95

Address: Gorlovka Street. Peresypkina, etc. 6a (map)

Item Auto Service

Car wash. Hours: Mon-Sun

Phone: +38 (06252) 9-04-50

Address: Yenakievo Ave. Miners, 19 (map)

Car Wash VIP-hotel "Storks"

Car wash. Hours: Mon-Sun

Phone: +38 050-55-99-11-8

Address: Druzhkovka Street. School, 8 (map)


Car wash. Hours: Mon-Sun

Phone: +38 (067) 644-14-44

Address: Kramatorsk Street. Partsezda 19, 39A etc. (map)


Car wash. Hours: Mon-Sun

Phone: + 38 (050)886-87-22

Address: Slavyansk Street. The gene. Batyuk, 9 (map)


Car wash. Opening hours: around the clock.

Phone: +38 (06442) 2-21-69

Address: Alchevsk Street. Quay, 23 (map)


Car Wash offers you a full service car wash and cosmetic maintenance of vehicles.

Phone: + 38-095-417-2-999

Address: Severodonetsk, st. Gagarina, d. 89A (map)

Alex East

Car wash. Professional car wash.

Phone: +7 38 (0629) 405151

Address: Mariupol Avenue Karpov, 14 (map)

Liqui Moly

We provide full service car wash. Washing of the body, the passenger compartment.

Phone: +7 38 (0629) 582234

Address: Mariupol, st. Azovstalskaya, d. 126 (map)


We provide a service car washes, day and night.

Phone: +38 (0629) 473131

Address: Mariupol Illich, etc., etc. 153 (map)


Car wash. Hours: Mon-Sun

Phone: + 38 (0642) 338134

Address: Lugansk, st. Defense, etc. 112 / g (map)

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