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Automated Trading

Car service. Hours: Mon-Sun

Phone: +38 (062) 348-83-48

Address: Donetsk, ul. Kuibyshev, 82 (map)


Car service. The high quality of service.

Phone: +38 (062) 311-13-67

Address: Donetsk, ul. Shchorsa on 108 (map)


Car service. Auto repair.

Phone: +38 (062) 345-10-22

Address: Donetsk Ave. Taman, 18 (map)

Alex East

Car service. Auto repair.

Phone: +38 (062) 332-72-35

Address: Makeevka Donetsk highway, 140 (map)

Automobile Club

Car service. Repairing cars.

Phone: +38 (050)-528-05-90

Address: Gorlovka Street. International, 22 (map)


Car service. Auto repair.

Phone: +38 (06239) 2-01-44

Address: Krasnoarmeysk Street. Nakhimov, 82 (map)


Car service. Auto repair.

Phone: +38 (0626) 46-67-77

Address: Kramatorsk Street. Dnepropetrovsk, etc. 3a (map)

Limousine service

Car service. Auto repair.

Phone: + 38 (095) 512-40-46

Address: Slavyansk Street. The tabloid, 15 (map)


Car service. Auto repair.

Phone: +38 (050) 662-09-67

Address: Lisichansk Street. Leningrad, 63 (map)

Lada Car Service

Car service. Auto repair.

Phone: + 38 (06452) 4-33-08

Address: Severodonetsk, st. Lenina, 1A (map)


Car service. Auto repair.

Phone: +7 38 (0629) 33-34-23

Address: Mariupol, st. The Italian, 25 (map)


Our service center provides the following services in Mariupol.

- Guarantee service vehicles

- Repair of engines, chassis car

- Repair of gearbox, automatic transmission

Phone: +7 38 (0629) 53-20-94

Address: Mariupol street. Krasnoflotskaya, d. 145 (map)


Car service: all kinds of car service, warranty service stations, computer diagnostics BOSCH, Tow clock, Advance orders of spare parts.

Phone: + 38 (05632) 4-33-91

Address: Pavlograd Street. The Dnieper, d. 405 (map)


Car service. Repair of domestic and foreign cars, washing the injector body repair and straightening work, paint work, parts for imported cars in Cash and custom

Phone: + 38 (061) 270-98-69

Address: Zaporozhye, ul. Test, 2 (map)


Car service. Auto repair.

Phone: + 38 (0612) 95-71-28

Address: Zaporozhye, ul. Eastern, 8-b (map)

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